Youth Volleyball Program

Youth Volleyball Program

Youth Volleyball Program
By CC Storm Volleyball

We are so excited to announce the an exciting addition to CC Storm Volleyball.

In September we will be launching Lil’ Storm Volleyball our youth volleyball program.

What’s Our Youth Volleyball Program?

What is Lil’ Storm? We’re glad you asked. Lil’ Storm Volleyball is our youth volleyball program designed for 6-11 year olds who work with one of their parents/guardians and with our coaches focusing on the fundamentals of volleyball. The focus will be on individual & group drills with the athletes through the sessions and ending the last week with scrimmages.  The athletes will be supervised and introduced to what we feel is the best sport on the planet.  So many areas start their athletes at a young age way before our area introduces ours to the game.  Our area is traditionally behind because our girls start much later so our goal is to close the gap on the North and train great future volleyball players that will impact the sport in our area.

To learn more about it or to sign up simply go to our Lil’ Storm Volleyball page for all the details.