Our Performance Training For Athletes is a speed, agility, strength and jumping program designed to help any athlete level up their game.

Being an athlete for any sport is about having of explosive power, speed, stamina, quick directional changes and fast reaction time. The goal of Storm’s Performance Training Program is to physically prepare athletes to meet these demands in order to compete at the highest level.

Our training programs are open to any athletes regardless of sport, school, or club. Currently we offer training for Middle School athletes in 6th-8th grade and for High School athletes who are 9th – 12th grade.

Our trainers are not only certified but experienced coaches who have coached numerous sports. They have helped prepare athletes in-season as well as in off-season. Having coached volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and others they design workouts to help athletes perform and excel.

Our Standard Performance Training Program is geared around speed, agility, and quickness. It is a small Group Workout designed to improve coordination, strength, quickness, increase vertical, and prevent injury, through effective and efficient form in drills that encompass:

  • Acceleration- applying as much force as possible into the ground to explode from a still or slow moving stance, while having good shin angles and body angles
  • Deceleration- slowing down and breaking from sprinting
  • Jumping- preventing knee valgus (collapsing ) and/or pushing forward when loading hips to jump, and using as much force on two legs or one leg
  • Landing- preventing knees and ankles (the joints) from absorbing force after jumping by learning how to use leg and hip muscles to absorb force instead
  • Sprinting – applying as much force as possible with solid knee lifts, and striking the ground using the balls of the feet. Many athletes heel strike when they sprint in their Athlete Assessment and don’t even realize it. Heel striking while running or sprinting over time will lead to shin splints, and foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back pain. Sprint drills also ensure efficient arm swing, and stability through the core
  • Cutting- being as efficient (quick, agile, and coordinated) as possible during change of direction
  • Backpedaling- retreating (backward movement) motion, where the athlete maintains “nose over toes” posture and efficient arm action
  • Lateral movement – learning how to side shuffle by starting and maintaining an athletic stance throughout the movement and being efficient by not clicking the heels and bobbing up and down

Program Basics

  • All Sessions are group oriented for up to a maximum of 6-8 athletes.
  • Open to all athletes regardless of club, school or sport affiliation.
  • MUST BE IN GRADES 6TH – 12TH: On each day of training we have middle school and high school sessions.
  • Athletes can attend as many sessions as needed weekly. We suggest a minimum of at least twice to get benefits from training.

We’re Offering Three Different Training Packages To Purchase For August

Purchase the amount of training sessions you think you need. We know we have some athletes with busy schedules that can only train once a week to athletes who can come several times weekly.

  • Twice Weekly Training $80 – This package will allow you to train twice a week. We feel this is a perfect option for most of our athletes schedules.
  • Jumpers Training Program $80 – A twice weekly program for 9th-12th grade designed to help you increase your vertical.
  • Jump Technique Training $55 – This is a once a week Sunday only session all month with home workouts.

All our training takes place at our new Storm Performance Training Center located at 11265 Leopard Street, Corpus Chrsiti, TX 78410

Weekly we will send everyone a training center sign up sheet to schedule your times

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