Freshman Year Volleyball Recruiting Checklist

Here’s your freshman year volleyball recruiting checklist. It’s important for you to begin to establish your plan of success over your high school career. If you’re reading this page it tells us you’re serious about your future. We’re serious about your future as well. Begin to work through this volleyball recruiting checklist your Freshman Year and start setting yourself above your competition.

Check out the following volleyball recruiting checklist we adapted from The Art of Coaching Volleyball.



  • Go watch some local college matches. If you’re in the Corpus area get out and see the Islanders or the Javalina’s play. It’s important for you to see the level of play you’re aspiring to. This will give you an idea of where you’re at as a player and where you need to be by your senior year.
  • If you’re serious about college volleyball, it’s important for you to understand our knowledgeable coaches and the teams we place you on are designed for your success. During club season you should be practicing two to three times week and playing quality competition. This not only helps you improve, it allows you to get seen by college coaches.
  • Make a recruiting video. But don’t pay a bunch of money for someone to make it for you. Using video from your phone and editing in iMovie or a similar program works just fine. Here’s a great article from Art of Coaching Volleyball on how to make your own recruiting video.
  • Email college coaches who you might want to play for. (Most coaches have their email/contact info on their school’s website.) It’s never too early to start building a relationship.
  • Make sure you’re attending our volleyball camp. We put you in front of various college coaches right here. Next, plan to attend a summer volleyball camp at a couple of the schools you’re interested in. This is an opportunity to play alongside other players who have similar goals and evaluate your own game. Don’t worry about going to camp at a school that might be beyond your athletic reach. As a freshman, it’s OK to set high goals for yourself.
  • Update your university athlete profile with our recruiting site. We use the #1 recruiting program in the country. Every college recruiter will use it to track you at tournaments. Include your name, a picture, graduation year, contact info, your coach’s contact info, parents’ names and jump touch. It’s good to post a highlight video, too. Remember, including your coach’s contact info is extremely important because college coaches can’t contact you directly until Sept. 1 of your junior year in high school. Until then, they’ll have to initiate contact with you through your coach. (Another important date: Coaches can’t approach players after tournaments until July 1 before their senior year.)
  • Keep your grades up. No mystery to this one. The better you do in school, the more options you’ll have, especially with regard to merit-based aid that many universities offer.
  • Begin making a list of schools and/or conferences that are on your radar. Don’t count anyone out.
  • Make yourself aware of NCAA core course requirements. Be sure your high school counselor is up to speed on what type of classes you need.
  • Become involved in fitness and strength development programs. It doesn’t need to be extensive. A good start is lots of sit-ups and push-ups.
  • Make sure your in volleyball lessons and clinics with us. All the work our coaches put you through is designed to ready you for an opportunity of being recruited. Our coaches are up to date on what college coaches are looking for. This is why you need to be working on your game. Sometimes you don’t get enough skill acquisition from just playing on your club team. Sophomores should consider taking lessons, too.
  • If college is your goal you and your family need to work hand in hand with our club director to make sure you are on the right path. Our goal is your success.