Two Ways You Can Get Involved In Our Training Center Sponsorship As An Individual Or Business

Storm Performance currently has a building in the Calallen/Annaville area of Corpus Christi. Our training center is a 4,000 square foot building with 2 acres of back lot for our use. Our goal for our training center is to have: 1) A Performance Training area to train athletes to be stronger, quicker, faster, and jump higher 2) a half volleyball court for lessons and our LiL Storm athletes training 3) Sand courts for training and beach volleyball 4) a sprint area for training speed AND 5) an outdoor turf area for other sports and agility.


If you are an individual who would like to help us with our training center you can sponsor any amount you would like by CLICKING HERE.


Are you looking for ways to reach more people for your business Let’s talk!

Storm Performance is on the forefront of training female athletes in the Corpus Christi area. Become a training center sponsor can provide valuable opportunities for your business to increase exposure and awareness to a passionate and tight knit community.  As our center continues to take shape, we’re looking forward to finding a fun and unique way to work together to create a win-win and make waves by doing something completely different.

We are currently looking for FIVE sponsors for our training center court. Our training center is a 4,000 square foot facility set with an acre of land in the back to use for a variety of activities in the future.

In our building 2,000 ft is devoted to our office and for athlete training. Another 2,000 sq ft is a warehouse which will have a half sized volleyball court which will be used for lessons and our LiL Storm Volleyball program. It will also have part of it with Turf to use for training athletes.

Why Partner With Us

  • Our volleyball club works with over 150 families in our area.
  • We train on a monthly basis over 250 athletes from ages 5-18
  • Our Instagram account has over 52,000 followers. Our TicTok has over 55,000 followers. Our Facebook has over 4,000 followers. We’re currently building our Youtube up with a short term goal of 1,000 subscribers. We have one of the top business social media presence in our Corpus Christi area.

Partnering with our facility will bring you awareness to many families in our area as well as through our social media marketing strategy

Contact us at or call 361-290-7677 for more detail about sponsorship opportunities such as:

  • Put up a banner on our court wall space
  • Get your Instagram handle on IG daily posts
  • Distribute your pamphlets and brochures in our center
  • And other creative options!  Let’s talk!

How Would It Work

Each sponsorship is $1,200 and would include following:

  • 4’x6′ Banner Of Your Business Mounted On Wall Supplied By Your Business
  • Your Business Instagram tag included on Instagram Posts Until May 31 2021
  • Business Logo hyperlinked to your website on our website front page
  • Business Logo hyperlinked to your website on our website sponsor page