Maximize Your Summer 2023 Off-Season Training

Don’t let the off-season slip away. Every month athletes are either moving forward or staying the same.

As we now hit off-season, it’s crucial to shift our focus towards optimizing your volleyball and athletic development. The off-season presents a unique opportunity for significant growth and improvement, and we are here to guide your along this journey.

The biggest thing you can do between now and fall ball if you’re a volleyball player is:


That’s it. Playing more and more games between now and then isn’t the biggest bang for your athletes buck especially as we look to prepare them for next club season.

At Storm, we understand the importance of building a solid foundation of athleticism, as it serves as the springboard for enhanced sports performance. By honing your agility, speed, strength, and overall athleticism, you will gain a competitive edge that can propel them to new heights on the court.

Based on our extensive experience and analysis of elite players, we have identified FOUR key areas volleyball players should concentrate on during the off-season:

  1. Fundamentals: The cornerstone of any successful athlete lies in mastering the fundamental skills of their sport. We will ensure you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals, providing you with a solid base from which to excel.
  2. Strength: Elite players possess exceptional strength, which enhances their overall performance and prevents injuries. Our programs are designed to help you build strength, improve their power output, and develop the physical resilience necessary to withstand the demands of the game.
  3. Athleticism: Quicker movements, explosive jumps, sharp reactions, and precise body control are the hallmarks of highly athletic players. Through our comprehensive training, we will help you enhance their agility, lateral movement, speed, and vertical jump, elevating your athleticism to new heights.
  4. Injury Prevention: By cultivating a strong, balanced body and teaching proper movement mechanics, we empower you to reduce the risk of injuries. Our focus on injury prevention ensures that you can perform at their best while staying healthy and avoiding setbacks.

To help you unlock your full potential, we offer the following programs to help train in the off-season:

  • Speed Agility Strength: A comprehensive training program for 6th to 12th graders, focusing on agility, quickness, strength, and injury resilience to transform athletes into well-rounded, high-performance individuals.
  • Jump Foundation: The starting point for aspiring jumpers, teaching the fundamental techniques and laying the groundwork for improved vertical jump performance. (must do this program before doing our vertical power)
  • Vertical Power: After doing our Jump Foundations program this is our advanced jump program, specifically designed to maximize your jumping potential, boost explosiveness, and elevate your game.
  • Early Movers: Tailored athlete training for 3rd to 5th graders, introducing them to the fundamentals of athleticism and sports performance.

We invite you to enroll in our training programs and witness the remarkable results that await you. Our commitment to smaller training groups ensures personalized attention, quality coaching, and optimal development for each athlete.

Seize this invaluable opportunity to invest in your athletic growth. Sign up now for our off-season training programs and be empowered to reach new heights in your sports journey!

To learn more and secure your spot, simply click the link below to register:

And if you’re looking for clinics to work on your skills this summer check out what we offer weekly at the following link:

Thank you for your trust in our training programs. We look forward to embarking on this transformative off-season journey with you!

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