Five Ways To Get Ready For August Volleyball Tryouts

School Volleyball Tryouts Will Be Here Fast. Will Your Athlete Be Ready In August?

At Storm we are here to put together all the programs we feel will help give them the best chance to stand out in their tryouts and to have successful seasons.

To Be An Elite Volleyball Player You Need To:

  • Perfect Your Fundamentals
  • Get Stronger
  • Be More Athletic
  • Become Injury Resistant
  • Master The Gameplay

BUT to do that it takes work. And that’s the difference between elite players and average players. If you’re plan is wait til the last minute that’s often too late.

Here are all the different programs you can take advantage of in July to get better

1. Storm Elite Volleyball Training

This is our top volleyball prep program this summer with 6 hours of training each week to help you become an elite volleyball player and in July our goal is to help these athletes go into their seasons as ready as they possibly can. To be elite you need to get more athletic, master your fundamentals, and get stronger. And we do all this in our Elite Volleyball training program in July.

This program trains 3 days a week for 2 hours each day. 1 hour on the court and 1 hour of our athlete training. Our July session will be led on the volleyball side by Coach “Tez” our 17’s National Coach and former Islander Player and on the training side Coach Jason Curlee, co-owner and our head athlete trainer.

The main days of training will be Sunday’s, Monday’s, and Wednesday’s in July. You can get the full schedule at the link below.

>>> Click Here To Learn More About Our Elite Volleyball Training Program And Register <<<<

2. Positional Training Events

We have a lot of positional events in July to help you work on your specific position. We created some 1 day and 2 day events. We have them for middle school and for high school

  • Elite High School Hitting Boot Camp
  • Middle School Hitting Lab
  • Elite High School Setting Lab
  • Middle School Setting Lab
  • Advanced High School Serve/Serve Receive Lab
  • Middle School Serving Lab
  • Elite High School Libero-Defense Lab

>>> Check Out The Full List And Learn More About Each One By Clicking Here <<<

3. Athlete Training

Our athlete training program is the top in the Corpus area for any athlete who wants to become better athletically. That’s because we focus on training the athlete and not just doing strength and conditioning. Our jump programs is the top program in the area and our speed agility strength programs is designed to help you be quicker and more agile on the court.

What we’d recommend for July is doing our Twice Weekly Speed Agility Strength Program. It’s for sure the best to help you get ready for August.

Our Vertical Power jump training is for athletes who’ve already completed our Jump Foundation. We won’t be offering our Jump Foundation in August. We’re gonna focus on Speed Agility and those currently in our Vertical Power. So if you’re new to our training get in our Twice Weekly Speed Agility program.


4. Clinics

We’re going to keep having our clinics in July. These are designed to help your athlete get reps in with minimal coaching. They are larger group and not for beginners. We don’t have them currently up for July but we will soon.


5. Lessons

If you’re needing more hands on then you’ll want to look at some of our positional semi-private lessons in July. These are small group with more hands on coaching.



Fast 4’s —– Fast 4’s is a combination of volleyball, music, and fun!! And win some prizes too!!! It’s a fast-paced 4-on-4 queen of the court style volleyball event.

It’s not coaching and it’s not lessons. It’s competitive play. Players will play with their team of 4 in 15 minute blocks. Teams try to score the most points by winning serves and staying on the court. It’s show up with your team of four and play. Every player will love the atmosphere and the excitement.

>>> Click Here For Our July Fast 4’s <<<

Let’s Go To Work!!!!

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