Sign Up Now For A July Storm Volleyball Camp

In July we’re doing all we can to help you get ready for school ball. We got several volleyball camps in Corpus Christi to help. These camps are open to any volleyball player regardless of school or club. Whether you are in Corpus, the surrounding area, or beyond, our camps will help you sharpen your skills to be ready.

July Storm Volleyball Camps

Want to hit harder and jump higher? Then sign up for our Hitting & Jump Boot Camp. This camp is four hours long on Saturday, July 17th. We break down how to jump. We’ll work on your jump technique. And then we will work on hitting with POWER.

Hitting & Jump Boot Camp For Middle School

Hitting & Jump Boot Camp For High School

And then the last week of July we have two three day camps planned. Our Back 2 School Camps. Three days of volleyball designed to help you get ready for school ball.

Back 2 Middle School Camp

Back 2 High School Camp

Let’s go into this school year ready to make an impact.

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