Storm College Recruiting Success

Why has Storm been so successful in our college recruiting success?

In our first 10 seasons, we’ve helped over 30 volleyball players earn an opportunity to play college volleyball (31 girls total since we started in 2011). Our success isn’t just by happenstance. Actually, if it were easy every club would be doing it. Many people think just get with any volleyball club and that’s all you need. If you are determined to play in college it’s important to get with a volleyball club that will help you get there.

College Recruiting Success

Why has Storm had the type of success we’ve had?

OUR PROCESS… Even though we start early with our athletes and lead them through the process hands on, we’ve also had many athletes come their final year in high school to us. This is the number one reason to start with us early.

OUR CONNECTIONS… Due to our recruiting success we’ve built a network of connections across the State and the country. College coaches know when contacting Storm that we are sending them potential quality players.

OUR COACHES… We’ve put together a quality coaching lineup from 10’s to 18’s. With two highly successful collegiate coaches, many top high school varsity coaches, and several elite club coaches you get training that is up to date on what colleges are looking for.

No matter your age, being in our Storm program is a process. We work together with you through the years to reach your dreams. Whether it’s starting in our 10’s, or even coming here as an 18 year old for your last year, your success is what we work hard for.
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