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Volleyball Setter

At Home Volleyball Setter Drills

If you’re looking for some at-home volleyball setter drills here is Coach Jamie Gill the head coach for Tuloso-Midway High School Volleyball. This is a simple routine of movements that can be performed at home, outside, in your room, or at an open court. ... Read More

At Home Ball Handling Drills

Here is a series of at-home ball handling drills any player can use to work on their passing skills. Do them by yourself or even with a partner. Perform each movement for 1 minute then move to the next. ... Read More

Texas Tough Volleyball Camp 2016

Three nights jammed packed with a high level of training and increased individual playing time for athletes in grades 9-12. We work hard on helping you refine your technique and get exposure to the tactical aspects of the game in our camp. ... Read More