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It’s Summer And The School Year Will Be Here FAST. Now’s the time to make sure you are ready. Now’s the time to put in the work to become a better athlete. If you are local to the Corpus Christi area come to start training to be a better athlete with us here at Storm Performance. ... Read More

Three Exercises To Help You Jump Higher

Well here are three that are sure to help you build strength in your vertical jump. One of the reasons is these exercises are unilateral movements that help you build individual strength in each leg. Combined these three exercises done once or twice ... Read More
Volleyball Setter

At Home Volleyball Setter Drills

If you’re looking for some at-home volleyball setter drills here is Coach Jamie Gill the head coach for Tuloso-Midway High School Volleyball. This is a simple routine of movements that can be performed at home, outside, in your room, or at an open court. ... Read More