Why Choose Storm For Club Volleyball

Our volleyball club tryouts are about to happen in May and June. Coming off the best season we’ve had where all but one of our teams won tourneys, and that team placed high, we’re gearing up for an even better season next year.

Every year we’ve built on the previous year to build the top level club in the Corpus Christi/Coastal Bend area and with our plans laid out already for next year, you might be asking, “Why Should We Choose To Play At Storm?”

SUCCESS – 2022 has been our most successful season. Numerous tourney wins and all of our teams made progress. We’ve proven year after year to continue to make progress as a club, and year after year we have built on that success. 2023 will be more of the same.

We Complete Our Seasons for every age group – When you invest your money you invest to play and finish. Unfinished seasons mean unfinished opportunities to excel. At Storm, we’ve finished every age group every year since our beginning other than the year Covid shut us down.

Elite Level Coaching – Coaching is an important choice. At Storm we have everything from Division 1 College Coaches, Division 2 College Coaches, Elite High School Varsity Coaches, to Elite Club Coaches with many years of experience. Your athlete no matter which team they are on has access to the best coaching in Corpus.

Your Development Matters – That’s why we created our training center. That’s why we began athlete training. That’s why we have our Storm Volleyball Academy.  We are the best volleyball athlete development program in this whole area.

We Work To Make It Affordable – The truth is club volleyball isn’t cheap. You have coaches, travel, gyms, etc. You might think, “well if you’re the best why aren’t you the most expensive?” That’s because it would go against our mission of helping as many girls in our area as possible. We have different levels of teams with different pricing. With the coaching level at Storm, the programs we bring, the training center, we know we could easily charge $3,700 to $4,000 a season, but we know with that we would price many great athletes out.

We Work Year-Round For You – We’re not just in club season. We have created summer programs, clinics, lessons, camps, leagues all through the year at different levels of play to enable your athlete to build their skills and improve their volleyball game. We start training volleyball athletes at 5 til 18 years of age.

Established Club – At Storm we have successfully finished 11 seasons. It’s important for you to understand that we aren’t a start-up or a club that spun-off another club. We are consistently finishing high in tournaments and our rankings are the top in the area.

Successful Collegiate Recruiting – We know for many girls their two goals may be making their school team and then going on to play collegiately. Our program has seen over 30 players move on to have an opportunity to play collegiately. No other local club gets the results we get. We’ve built the track record and colleges know we have athletes.

Locally Owned and Operated – We are a local family, with a local business. Your money goes into your community.

Why choose Storm? Simply we believe it checks off everything you’re looking for in a Club.
If you have any other questions please contact us today.

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