Why Does Club Volleyball Cost So Much?

You are interested in playing club volleyball and then you find out the cost. Your first question is probably: Why does club volleyball cost so much? Just why is club volleyball so expensive?

We hear you. As club owners, our oldest daughter started out playing softball at three. Then moved on to travel teams until she was in the 8th grade. In high school, she decided to focus only on volleyball and played club volleyball for four years. We understand the expenses personally.

But you still might be thinking, “that’s all good BUT why does club volleyball cost so much?

Why Does Club Volleyball Cost So Much?

Here are some of the major costs associated with club volleyball:

When determining price for Storm, we are not after profit. We could charge more if we wanted to. Our goal is to make it as affordable as possible.

Club fees include:

  • Uniform packages not included shoes
  • Practice facility charges (unlike sports where you can find an outside field and just play, we have to rent gym space and time for practices)
  • Tournament entry fees (small and large tournaments)
  • Coach salaries and per diems (food and hotel for coaches) – to get quality coaches we pay them a good salary
  • Equipment charges – Each year we purchase equipment for practices. We also make sure our coaches have Storm clothing to look our best.
  • Club overhead charges (including administrator salaries) – Administrators make sure things are as organized as possible. We also put a lot of time into the recruiting process of getting girls into our club as well as helping them get a shot at playing collegiately.

See our club fees >>> HERE <<<

Is Club Volleyball Worth It?

The direct advantage is that players playing club will have more time on the volleyball court and in competitive situations that high school and middle school coaches cannot create in their respective off-seasons. For instance most club teams have two to three practices a week for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours per practice. This translates into over 80+ hours of additional practice time in the gym dependent on team. In addition, teams can participate in approximately 8 – 9 seasonal tournaments, dependent on level, starting as early as January and generally ending around April/May. This translates into anywhere from 40 to as many as 50+ matches (depending on the level of the team, travel and success of the team). The average high school season is approximately 25-40 matches so numerically this is like playing a whole season in the offseason.

If your goal is playing in college, then club volleyball is necessary. College coaches now do their recruiting during club season and are at many of the large tournaments. At Storm volleyball we work hard with you and our athletes through the process. We make sure you are doing all the things you need to do. At Storm we’ve been part of helping 16 athletes have the opportunity to play collegiately.

This parent has a great perspective on it.

Choose Storm today and let’s help you achieve your dreams.

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