Why Play Club Volleyball

You may be wondering, “Why to play club volleyball?”

Club volleyball has really grown in popularity nationwide since the early 2000s. We see parents and athletes now committing earlier to the sport of volleyball. Choosing a volleyball club is the route for athletes committed to the sport of volleyball. Athletes that do, go through a tryout process and are assigned to a team at a club. Typically this is with other players their age. Those players then train and compete in tournaments throughout the off-season of their school teams.

Why Play Club Volleyball

So why should you play club volleyball?
Club volleyball can help a player meet several goals, including:

  • Improving their skills and game experience – Due to the length of season, weekly practices, and numbers of tournaments played, skills can’t help but improve…sometimes dramatically.
  • Receiving strong coaching – Many clubs hire coaches who have been coaching for a long time or were players themselves and now coach. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of a wealth of knowledge and experience. At Storm, you will experience training from seasoned club coaches, a variety of accomplished high school varsity coaches, and even collegiate coaches on our staff. View our staff by clicking here.
  • Playing competitively – Playing club means you are competing consistently. Whether it’s in practices or tournaments the level of play and competition is higher. This competition prepares players to better compete for playing time or starter positions back at their schools.
  • Gaining exposure to college coaches and programs – For the volleyball player who wants to play at a collegiate level, the club is a must. Recruiting doesn’t happen through high school sports and college coaches will tell you that. At Storm, we consistently help our players get exposure. This has enabled us to see over 16 athletes go on to play college volleyball through our program.
  • Getting to compete at a higher level – Players may find themselves at less competitive high schools. They could also handle more competitive play. Club volleyball matches an athlete to a team commensurate with her skill set. This enables players to experience a more challenging level of play.
  • Improving physical fitness – With two three practices per week and day-long tournaments, players build strength, stamina, and overall conditioning.
  • Meeting new friends with similar goals – We all know that school volleyball players can vary with their commitment and interest in the sport. With club ball, players compete with like-minded athletes developing friendships both on and off the court.
    Extending the season of the sport they love!

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At Storm, we believe we are the answer to your question of “Why Play Club Volleyball?”. We can help you improve your skills, reach your dreams, and continue playing the sport you love. View our tryouts page today and join the Storm family.

Hear From A Storm Alumni

“When I first walked into the Storm gym I was this shy little freshman not sure of myself or my volleyball skills. During the four years I was there, the coaches helped me gain the confidence I needed in order to pursue my dream of playing volleyball in college. I feel as if they chased my dream with me as they spent countless extra hours in the gym working with me. They truly care about each and every one of their players. I think of them as family and am forever grateful for what Storm did for me.” – Stephanie Janysek.

Stephanie currently plays at the University of Dallas. Read an update on Stephanie’s First Year Playing In College.

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